Festival of The Goddess is an annual celebration of Goddess-loving wimmin and maidens of all ages. We meet each year, to build female community, create sacred space, explore the healing power of the feminine divine, celebrate the Goddess, and share the Blood Mysteries.

We seek to educate and empower each other, held in a foundation of feminism and female herstory and ourselves. We honor and celebrate our life journey as females, with our powerful Maiden’s Program, our nurturing Crone Camp, and the workshops and rituals throughout the festival.

This year we are celebrating the 28th Festival of the Goddess, gathering virtually, in the comforts of our homes. Each year a different Goddess steps forward to be honored and energy is raised around her and the qualities she embodies. Join us in February as we call on Athena to carry us through these difficult times facing wimmin and the planet. Athena represents justice and skill. Let her work through us.

Registration opens in January, 2021. Festival ends with closing ritual on Sunday afternoon.